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Lavender Sugar Scrub


Polish your skin to a healthy-looking glow with our Lavender Sugar Scrub!

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This Lavender Sugar Scrub exfoliates dead skin cells while moisturizing with a blend of coconut oil, avocado oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter. The scrub has a lovely lavender scent and leaves your skin feeling baby soft.

For use, simply scoop a small amount out and rub gently on damp skin. The less water on your skin, the more exfoliating the product will be – adjust to your liking. The scrub may leave your tub slippery, so please be careful after use.

This product is also vegan friendly!

To Use: Apply all over body before/during shower or bath for gentle exfoliation. For a quick clean-up of hands, apply to hands and rub gently before rising with warm water.

5.5 ounce jar

For best results, keep the lid on the jar when not in use.

Ingredients: Sugar, safflower oil, polysorbate 80, vitamin E, silica, phenoxyethenol, lavender essential oil and violet oxide.