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Lavender Eye Pillow


The perfect accompaniment to a sweet afternoon nap, this silky Lavender Eye Pillow is generously filled with dried lavender buds and flaxseed.


Do you struggle with migraine headaches? Insomnia? Sinus headaches? Puffy eyes? Allergies?

Try our new Comfort Eye Pillows for relief. Our eye pillow design is unique with a cutout for a nose notch to provide extra comfort. We also attach a soft elastic strap to it so you can lay on your side or fall asleep without having it fall off. Makes a great sleep mask if you have sinus problems.

The organic flaxseed-and-lavender-filled Eye Pillow is laid over the eyes, brows and temples and the weight of it gives gentle acupressure to the area. All light is shut out as it hugs the contours of your face. It leads to a feeling of relaxation and repose, reducing stress and invoking calm with natural lavender aromatherapy. Made of lightweight, silky satin, the flaxseed filling reduces puffiness around your eyes while the heat of your skin gently warms the lavender buds to create a soft, relaxing aroma.
Many people enjoy their Lavender Eye Pillow after placing it in the freezer for about an hour. It’s amazing how soothing that cool can be. Some like warmth, but it is not recommended, for extreme heat is hard on the eyes. If you do prefer it, be sure you never heat for more than about 15 seconds at a time in the microwave. The Lavender Eye Pillows are small and the bags may burn if microwaved for long intervals.

Our Lavender Eye Pillows are a great gift for everyone, and you deserve one for yourself! Try it in the natural unscented version, or for a real treat, try it scented with peppermint, lavender & chamomile or cinnamon aromatherapy. Choose from satin or flannel fabric.