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About Us

About Us

Thymely Herbals is a 1/2-acre organic herb farm that grows over 50 varieties of culinary, medicinal, and tea herbs.

We strive to grow a unique selection of healthy, high-quality herbs grown in environmentally-friendly ways. To accomplish that we:

  • Propagate our plants from organic seeds and cuttings, enabling us to select specific varieties for outstanding qualities and suitability to our northern climate.
  • Follow organic growing practices including the use of organic fertilizers (seaweed and fish), pest control with beneficial insects, and biological disease control (beneficial soil fungi).

Growing organically has been our commitment from the start because it is the best way to ensure healthy plants, nutritious food and a sustainable environment.

  • Know first-hand about the plants by growing and harvesting them in our own field, testing different varieties for vigor, flavor, disease resistance and resilience in Wisconsin’s dynamic and changing growing conditions.
  • Educate our customers about plant selection and requirements, plant and soil care, as well as harvesting and use of herbs and veggies. We freely share what we’ve learned by experience because we want you to enjoy success in your gardening adventures!
  • Work directly with customers by selling plants directly to you at farmers markets, giving us a chance to hear from you and respond to your needs.

Please explore our website for more info, sign up for our e-mail list, check out our blog, or contact us if you have specific questions.

Thank you for all your support!